Technical Engineer ~ Web Developer ~ Graphic Designer ~ Maniac

Technical Engineer

Have you tried turning it off and then on again?

Currently a Technical Engineer for a Swindon based IT company. Supporting various schools in and around Swindon with their IT on a day to day basis. Fixing the majority of issues - with the occasional accident of creating some. Always striving for improvement and efficiency and making it the best it can be.

Previously managed IT for a small youth organisation which focused on digital media. With a high turnover of session users and students, maintaining a cluster of workstations for radio production & broadcasting, studio recording, and film editing. With the biggest achievement of successfully integrating and migrating over to Cisco Meraki equipment.

Web Developer

while i == i: make_tweak("to_css", "to_html", "to_php"); upload(); reload_page();

In a previous life web development was everything. From maintaining E-Commerce sites and improving ease of use to rebuilding a clients CMS template for the 5th time that month. The limelight has dropped from web development in recent times due to my current position, although it's still a hobby and interest that will continue long into the future.

Watch this space. No literally, it'll probably be completely redesigned in a short while... (indecisive)

Graphic Designer

Hmm, have you got a darker black?

Kind of goes hand in hand with web development. Although I'm sure a lot of people would disagree. Designing things from websites, CV's, leaving cards, letters, newspapers, etc. Safe to say I've dabbled in a lot. No professional by any degree. Once again it's more of a hobby / interest.

Proudest bit of work? That'd be my A level computing coursework. Yes computing. 'Accidentally' turned into a graphic design project as such...


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